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Upcoming Events

2017 Feb 28

HOPE Conference | "HIV to HIV Transplant in the US: HOPE in Action" Presented by Dr. David Wojciechowski and Dr. Rebekah Lane

7:00am to 8:00am


Webinar or MGH Cox Building, 6th Floor Conference Room


HIV to HIV Transplant in the US: HOPE in Action


David Wojciechowski, DO 

Director of Transplant Nephrology Clinical Research

Massachusetts General Hospital


Rebekah Lane, MD

Transplant Infectious Disease Fellow

Massachusetts General Hospital


2017 Apr 27

Physician-Scientist Symposium

(All day)


Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard, 400 Tech Square, Cambridge MA 02139

Physician-Scientist Symposium
"The role of the physician-scientist in the evolving landscape of biomedical research"

Guest Speakers:
Deborah Persaud MD, (JHMI)
Ramnik Xavier MD, (MGH)
Catherine Blish MD, PhD, (Stanford)
Oren Rosenberg MD, PhD, (UCSF)
Michael Glickman MD, (MSKCC)
Victor Nizet MD, (UCSD)
Liise-anne Pirofski MD, (Einstein/Montefiore)
Don Ganem MD, (Novartis)
Andrea Cox MD, PhD, (JHMI)
Peter Hunt MD, (UCSF)