Studies > 1000 Participants

Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS -BCH site only)

  • Principal Investigator(s): Sandra Burchett (site leader), George Seage PI
  • Study Contact: Sandra Burchett, MD, Tel. 617 355-6832,
  • Description of Subjects: AMP:450 HIV+ youth, 150 HIV-controls; SMARRT: >1700 HIV neg/ARV exposed infants,youth. Study domains: cardiopulm, metabol, complications and HIV disease, maternal exposures, neuro, oral health, adolescent
  • ...
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HIV Acute Infection


  • Principal Investigator(s): Eric Rosenberg
  • Study Contact: Suzane Bazner, 617-724-0070,
  • Description of Subjects: HIV positive, acute or early infection
  • Location (Domestic vs. International): Domestic
  • Enrollment Period: 1996-ongoing
  • Enrollment Goal: unlimited
  • Key Exclusion and Inclusion Criteria: ...
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