2020 CFAR Admin Supplement: General Opportunity - Internal Competition due Monday, March 23

March 11, 2020

2020 CFAR NIH Administrative Supplement Opportunity

Support for innovative research projects, inter-CFAR meetings, and shared instrumentation that address key gaps in HIV/AIDS and will advance the field. This opportunity should build research capacity and be consistent with the recent NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities (NOT-OD-15-137).

The NIH is interested in supplement applications from CFARs in the following areas:

  • Methodology and Data Science of HIV
  • Increasing the Integration of Substance Abuse Services and HIV Prevention and Care
  • Impact of Food Insecurity on HIV Prevention and HIV Care
  • Human Mobility and HIV
  • Overcoming Barriers to HIV Reservoir Clearance
  • Equipment for CFAR Core(s)
  • Inter-CFAR Meetings
  • Internal Competition

1) Interested investigators must submit a 1-page single-spaced outline. 

(Project directors are restricted to early career investigators who have never received a R01-equivalent, P-series or U-series research grant. Established investigators in non-HIV fields who have never received an NIH research award for HIV/AIDS studies are also eligible. Established investigators can be the project leaders for the core equipment and inter-CFAR meeting topics.)

2) Outlines will be reviewed by the HU CFAR Developmental Core Review Committee and must include:

  • Application title
  • List of lead investigators and institutions
  • Aim(s)/Objective(s)
  • Brief summary of rationale and approach

3) Four outlines in topics 1-5 will be selected to move forward for full submission to the NIH. Each CFAR can submit one application to the equipment topic. Each inter-CFAR group is permitted one meeting application. A CFAR can submit more than one if they are submitting on behalf of multiple inter-CFAR groups.

Please submit your outline by 12 noon on Friday, March 20, Monday, March 23, 2020. Final decision as to which outlines will be selected will be made the following week.

Contact Amanda Gorey amanda_gorey@harvard.edu or Mark Ingaciola mark_ingaciola@harvard.edu with any questions.

VIEW the Full Supplement Application Instructions

 The key aspects of this funding opportunity are:

Applications may be submitted for up to one year. The funding amount allowed varies per topic.

Each CFARs may submit more than one application in topics 1-5 BUT no more than four total applications per CFAR.

The deadline for applications to be received at NIAID is May 18, 2020. The internal deadline for applications will be in late April and communicated to applicants chosen for a full grant submission.

The earliest anticipated start date is 7/01/20 but may be delayed due to administrative issues.