Adolescent Trials Network: 2-page protocol concepts due April 1, 2019

March 5, 2019

The ATN welcomes ideas from the scientific community in the form of proposals for new studies which are consistent with the Network's mission and are not currently being planned or pursued elsewhere. The ATN also welcomes proposals from investigators who would like to use existing data and/or specimens collected during ATN studies to answer questions related to the HIV epidemic among US adolescents and young adults.

Investigators interested in proposing an ATN study should submit a protocol concept capsule (PCC) as described below. Concept capsules are reviewed by the ATN twice per year, with the next deadline for review April 1, 2019.

See Full Protocol Concept Capsule (PCC) Announcement

Protocol Concept Capsule Requirements

A PCC, no longer than two-pages, should provide a brief description of the proposed study and includes the following:

  • Study title
  • Lead investigator(s)
  • Overall study goal and specific study objectives
  • Scientific significance
  • Relevance to overall mission and scientific agenda of the ATN
  • Study population
  • Study design and methods
  • Outcome measures
  • Approximate sample size (formal sample size calculation not required)
  • Estimate of total cost of proposed study

The PCC should be submitted to the CC via email to