Human Immune System Mouse Core VOUCHERS RFP

May 9, 2017


The HU CFAR Human Immune System Mouse Core is initiating a new voucher program to make its services, which have significant associated expenses, more accessible to junior HU CFAR investigators who have yet to receive substantial grant funding. These vouchers will cover the costs of the humanized mice that we generate, the costs of performing experiments with them (Core personnel perform all aspects of the experiments), and the costs of housing the mice while they are in these experiments, but not investigator salaries or the costs of analyzing the samples that these experiments produce. Vouchers will be available to cover pilot experiments costing up to $30,000 per investigator, with the expectation that the data produced will be used as preliminary data to support subsequent applications for additional funding.

Of note, this program is separate from the Developmental Awards RFP of the HU CFAR Developmental Core.

ELIGIBILITY for these vouchers will be restricted to investigators at any HU CFAR institution holding ranks from research fellow to assistant professor, who have no grant funding for humanized mouse studies from other sources, including grant funding of their mentors, in the case of junior investigators still in mentored positions.

PROPOSALS should discuss the significance and rationale for the experiments proposed, as well as provide a detailed plan of the experiments to be performed. Proposals should be limited to two pages, with standard NIH fonts and margins (not including budget). In this first round of funding, up to 5 proposals will be funded, depending on the quality of the proposals received, and the budgets proposed. In subsequent rounds of funding, which will be held twice yearly, up to 3 proposals will be funded (up to 6 proposals per year).

BUDGETS should be limited to $30,000 per proposal.  Costs of the various humanized mice provided, the procedures performed on them, and housing costs can be found on the Human Immune System Mouse Core webpage on the HU CFAR website:

DUE DATE: proposals for this round of voucher awards are due Monday June 5 at 5 pm. Going forward, proposals will be requested twice per year, once in June and once in December.

SUBMISSION: please email a combined PDF of proposals and budgets to Ms. Karla Murga, Human Immune System Mouse Core Administrator, at

QUESTIONS about the humanized mouse models that the Core provides, and what types of experiments each can best support, should be addressed to Andy Tager, Vlad Vrbanac and/or Maud Deruaz.

Andy Tager (Core Director)  
Vlad Vrbanac (Core Associate Director) 
Maud Deruaz (Core Scientific Director)