Physician-Scientists in the Evolving Landscape of Biomedical Research - A JID Supplement

August 22, 2018

On April 27, 2017, the HU CFAR and the Ragon Institute hosted the Physician-Scientist Symposium "The role of the physician-scientist in the evolving landscape of biomedical research."  Drs. Lenette Lu, Amy Barczak and Doug Kwon hosted the meeting locally with the goals of:

  • highlighting the excellent work by physician-scientists from around the country
  • exploring the variety of ways in which clinical training influences research
  • developing ideas of how to more completely support the careers of physician-scientists

The symposium speakers have come together in a Journal of Infectious Diseases supplement to discuss and expand on the topics that were raised that day.  You can find the articles in JID SUPPLEMENTVolume 218, Issue suppl_1, 15 September 2018The Role of the Physician Scientist in the Evolving Landscape of Biomedical Research.

"Although society has realized many of the benefits of physician-scientists as a group, maintaining a robust and diverse community begins with identifying individuals with early potential and developing strategies to support them throughout their careers. Our aim in bringing together the articles in this supplement is to elicit thought and discourse about how to successfully overcome obstacles in the evolving landscape of biomedical research for the generations of new minds drawn to this career path by the tremendous potential of the synergy between science and medicine." Read more