Non-Communicable Diseases Among HIV-Infected Populations Scientific Working Group

Non-Communicable Diseases:
Directors: Scott Dryden-Peterson, MD, Mark Siedner, MD, Virginia Triant, MD

Table of NCD SWG member biographies and contact information as of 3/7/17.
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Non-Communicable Diseases SWG Leadership


Title & Affiliation

Scientific Area of Interest

Scott Dryden-Peterson, MD(Co-Director)


Instructor in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Research Associate at the Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Dr. Dryden-Peterson's research centers on epidemiology and therapeutic approach for HIV-associated malignancies in Botswana and other resource-limited settings. He directs one of the largest prospective cohorts of HIV-associated cancer.  Ongoing projects include evaluation the impact of HIV and ART on the cancer burden in sub-Saharan Africa, development of new diagnostics and diagnostic approaches to cancer in LMICs, role of HPV in the development of head and neck cancer in geographic regions heavily affected by HIV, and treatment outcomes of HIV-associated cancers in Botswana. He is co-founder of Botswana Oncology Global Outreach (BOTSOGO).

Mark Siedner, MD (Co-Director)

Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at MGH.

Dr. Siedner's research is focused in southwestern Uganda with the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health. His primary research activities include 1) directing clinical trials to evaluate interventions to address structural barriers to care, and 2) directing a longitudinal cohort study of aging HIV-infected persons and age- and gender-matched HIV-uninfected controls to understand the intersection between HIV infection and non-communicable disease risk in rural Uganda.

Virginia Triant, MD (Co-Director)

Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine Divisions and in the Medical Practice Evaluation Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Triant's research interests are in the area of clinical epidemiology/population health/outcomes and focus on the intersection between HIV and non-communicable disease complications, with a particular interest in cardiovascular disease. She directs an HIV longitudinal clinical care cohort with matched control patients which she developed from a Partners HealthCare System-based data registry. Utilizing this cohort, she has led studies on HIV in relation to cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes, risk factors, prevention, risk prediction, and management. She additionally collaborates with teams in sub-Saharan Africa studying cardiovascular risk factors and sub-clinical-atherosclerosis. Dr. Triant also has an interest in the analysis of longitudinal observational data as applied to varied clinical problems. The overall goal of her research is to identify and characterize long-term medical complications of treated HIV disease in order to design and implement treatment and preventive strategies across diverse clinical settings.

Working Group Goals:

  • Increased engagement of DF/HCC and Harvard cardiovascular investigators in studies focused on the HIV-infected population.
  • Encourage cross-research group collaboration, potentially inter- and intra-CFAR, in NCD-HIV research to increase engagement of DF/HCC and Harvard cardiovascular investigators in studies focused on the HIV-infected population.
  • Stimulate high quality grant proposals focused on NCDs in HIV.