Clinical Trials

The Clinical Core facilitates patient enrollment and provides access to multiple well-pedigreed clinical cohorts.

Clinical Core Sites and Affiliated Faculty

Clinical Trial CompendiumSee currently enrolling local HIV Clinical trials

  • Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH): This site provides comprehensive care for numerous patients with HIV/AIDS.  MGH is an active ACTG Clinical Research Site led by Dr. Rajesh Gandhi which includes study nurses, a regulatory manager, and a research assistant.  MGH investigators are active in translational research studies of HIV pathogenesis, HIV vaccines, HIV eradication, HIV/HCV co-infection, metabolic and cardiovascular complications of HIV, and HIV outcomes research. 
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH): This site provides care for HIV-infected patients.  BWH is an active ACTG Clinical Research Site led by Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes, who is also the principal investigator of the ACTG.  In addition to ACTG studies, the BWH site is involved in translational research studies focused on HIV eradication, viral resistance, and, through their HVTN unit, vaccine studies.
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC): This is active in the ACTG, and serves as a Clinical Research Site in this network.  The BIDMC provides HIV primary care and specialty care services to HIV-infected adults.  The BIDMC is also active in HIV vaccine research, HIV/HCV and HIV/HPV coinfections, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, and organ transplantation in HIV-infected recipients. Dr. Mary Albrecht is the BIDMC site leader of the CFAR Clinical Core and ACTG Clinical Research Site.
  • Fenway Health (FH):  This community health center provides ambulatory care for many patients, including those living with HIV, and is actively involved in the HPTN, HVTN, ATN and C-NICS. FH also operates the Sidney Borum Health Center, a community health center focused on the needs of sexual and gender minority youth, who are often homeless or otherwise disenfranchised. FH employs more than 350 people, including almost 100 engaged in research and education, as part of The Fenway Institute.  Faculty of the Fenway Institute include 20 physician-investigators, behavioral scientists, epidemiologists, and population scientists who have academic appointments at Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, BIDMC, MGH and Children’s Hospital Boston.  Dr. Ken Mayer, an internationally-recognized expert in HIV prevention research, is the site leader at Fenway Health.
  • Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB):  This hospital cares for HIV-infected pediatric patients with additional HIV-exposed infants followed yearly, and is a clinical trials site for IMPAACT and PHACS, a domestic cohort study of HIV-infected youth and HIV-exposed youth, with samples and a database available.  Dr. Sandra Burchett, Director of the Children’s Hospital Boston AIDS Program, is the site leader.