Molecular Biology & Genomics Services

The Molecular Biology and Genomics Core offers a suite of services in one location.   Many of these technologies can be used in combination to facilitate synergistic projects. 


  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS):  Illumina MiSeq Next Generation Sequencing system is the latest standard and can process one sample within 3 hours with 95% of samples delivered the same day allowing researchers to test many possibilities and conduct proof of concept projects.

  • Nanostring nCounter Digital Expression System
  • Next Generation Sequencing Accessory Services: New HU CFAR member labs that have never used Next Generation Sequencing receive consultation that includes the creation of an entire pipeline from library and sample prep all the way through bioinformatics analysis. Accessory Services consist of:

    • an Apollo 324 robotics workstation that will handle RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, full genomic sequencing, and targeted resequencing
    • a Pippin Prep workstation for size selection
    • a Tapestation Bioanalyzer
    • and an Echo Q/PCR workstation
  • Proteomics: Services are available at the Blais Proteomic Center for CFAR members who have no experience in mass spectrometry services.