Biosafety Level 3 (BL3) Core

cells under a microscope

The BL3 Core provides training and consultation for members of the HU CFAR community who are planning TB related projects and provides access to BSL-3 tissue culture, live cell sorting, and wide-field live cell videomicroscopy. HU CFAR researchers can access the Core’s unique array of instruments and experimental systems by personally undergoing safety training and certification to enter the BL3 facility and conduct experiments or engaging with Core staff who can conduct experimental procedures under biocontainment protocols on a fee-for-service basis.


  • Consultation and Training:

    • Safe handling and management of tuberculosis samples
    • Training for use and access of BL-3 facilities
    • Design of microbiology, immunology, and cell culture experiments to be conducted in BL-3
    • BSL-3 live cell sorting using a FACsAria IIu
    • BSL-3 live cell microscopy
    • Tissue culture and microbiology services for tuberculosis and HIV-TB co-infection studies
  •  Equipment:

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) maintenance and storage
    • Tissue culture biosafety cabinets
    • Series A2 class II, type A2 biological safety cabinet packages
    • Thimble canopy connection to main BSL-3 exhaust
    • Centrifuges
    • TC incubators
    • Microbiological incubators
    • Wide-field live cell video microscope
    • Freezers and refrigerators (LN2, -80°, 4°)
    • FACS Aria Illu Cell Sorter equipped with three lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, and 633 nm) that is capable of four-way sorting output into tubes, or direct deposition into 96-well plates
  • Space:

    • 2200 foot BSL-3 facility
    • Temporary BSL-3 bench space
    • Ragon Institute conference rooms and meeting areas
  • Materials:

    • Laboratory strains of M. tuberculosis for use within the BSL-3
    • BSL-3-approved plasticware, disposables, pipettes, and media for microbiological and tissue culture studies
  • Research Support:

    • Microbiology growth studies on M. tuberculosis
    • Tissue culture studies of human leukocytes
    • M. tuberculosis in culture
    • Live cell BSL-3 sorting on FACS Aria