Inter-CFAR Research


The HU CFAR participates in many of the following national CFAR collaborations and working groups. Contact us if you wish to be directly involved.

Existing National Groups

CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS)
CFAR ECHPP Working Group (CEWG)
CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network (SBSRN)
Inter-CFAR HIV/AIDS Related Malignancy (iCHARM) Working Group
Inter-CFAR Collaboration on HIV Research in Women
CFAR Global AIDS Research Consortium (CGARC)
CFAR HIV/TB Co-Infection Consortium
CFAR–CFAR Collaboration on HIV in Corrections (CFAR–CHIC)
CFAR Biostatistics Network
CFAR Sub-Saharan Africa Working Group

Existing National CFARs
Visit the NIH CFAR website for a listing of all national CFARs.

National CFAR Map


2019 Inter-CFAR Webinar Series

2019 CFAR Webinar Schedule and Topics

February 25th 3:30pm ET
Research Strategies of the Inter-CFAR Faith and Spirituality Research Collaborative (CFSRC): Tackling the Epidemic in the Deep South

Robin Lanzi
Pam Foster
Edward Jackson


March 25th 3:30pm ET
CFARs and Health Departments- Working together to improve HIV surveillance , prevention, care and research Alan Greenberg

Nanette Benbow
April Petit
DC, Third Coast and Tennessee CFARs


April 22nd 3:30pm ET
Use and Misuse of Adherence Measures in Clinical Trials Mackenzie Cottrell

Angela Kashuba


May 20th 3:30pm ET
CFAR Collaboration on HIV in Corrections Curt Beckwith
Providence/Boston CFAR

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