Partners Infectious Disease Images

Infectious Diseases Images

The Partners Infectious Disease Images website offers an extensive and easily searchable digital library of case information and images to facilitate learning infectious diseases and microbiology and to complement other teaching and learning formats. The site was developed with support from the National Library of Medicine by researchers at Partners HealthCare Inc., the University of Texas at Austin, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc., and with contributions from clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital, national ID training programs through an affiliation with the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and other selected clinicians. The site is available free-of-charge. With support from the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, Partners is expanding the digital library to include even more HIV- and TB-related cases, with a special interest in cases from international locations.

IDI Database Features

  • Digital library of case studies and images
  • Special case collections focused on topics such as HIV/AIDS, Fungal Infections, Mycobacterial Infections and others
  • References to abstracts and related articles on PubMed
  • Cases with interactive annotations for medical students
  • Browsing function for cases and images by organism, diagnosis, image technique, or lab technique
  • Use of the site to perform self-assessment
  • Optional creation of collections to save favorite cases and images