Research Compliance

HU CFAR Human Subjects and Vertebrate Animal Research Compliance

If your HU CFAR-funded project involves human subjects, you must contact the office for human research protections at your institution, as well as at all sites involved in your study, to obtain IRB approval for your research.  If your study protocol is covered by an approval for another study protocol, you will need to obtain an amended approval which must list the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research as a source of funds for your study, along with written verification that your protocol has been reviewed and is covered under the IRB approval.  

If your HU CFAR-funded study involves the use of vertebrate animals, you must obtain and submit to the HU CFAR a signed IACUC approval letter and protocol.   The approval will be vetted through the Harvard IACUC office by HU CFAR staff.   

Harvard University Research Compliance 

Resources are available through the Harvard Office of the Vice Provost for Research