Sample Repository

The Clinical and Immunology Database (CIDB) stores data collected from participants in translational clinical cohorts at HU CFAR sites.  Confidential clinical and epidemiological data is linked to study subjects and a REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) application allows for submission and review of scientific concept proposals and specimen requests.  Individuals need to complete the request form and meet the regulatory requirements to access the CIDB.  Contact Ed DeMers for questions regarding repository access.

Description of Database Samples:

Four clinical cohorts provide the majority of specimens in the repository for HU CFAR investigators, and all are linked to a relational database that has been constructed over the past CFAR funding period:

  • HIV-infected chronic progressors: includes individuals on and off ARV treatmentas well as acutely-infected individuals pre-and post-treatment.
  • HIV-infected spontaneous controllers:  includes both viremic controllers,individuals with HIV RNA levels <2000 copies/mL, and elite controllers, thosewith <50 copies/mL, despite not receiving antiretroviral therapy.Samples havebeen banked on approximately1500 individuals recruited from the U.S. andabroad.
  • HIV-negative individuals: HIV-uninfected controls for basic science studies.