Program in HIV Vaccines

Drs. Barouch and Alter at AIDS Vaccine 2012

The Vaccine Program was established in May 2003 to create greater synergy and interaction among HU CFAR investigators in the area of HIV/SIV vaccines in both animal models and humans.


Research Funding: The Vaccine Program coordinates the submission of large program project grants and clinical trials.

Events and Symposia: The HU CFAR with the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard and the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise successfully hosted the international AIDS Vaccine 2012, one of the leading conferences in the field for international physicians and investigators to review progress and forge new collaborations.

Research Collaboration: The Vaccine Program has developed several focused initiatives (clinical development, technologies, NK memory, Env structure, CHAVI-ID) and will also be the link between the CFAR community and larger programs (i.e. IPCAVD, HIVRAD, CHAVI-ID, CAVR, Gates CAVD).