Taxi and Shuttle Transport

Taxi Services

If you are in need of a taxi from the conference center, these local companies are available to assist. Note for those departing Boston via Logan airport: depending on traffic, a taxi ride to the airport may take 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Metro Cab 617-782-5500

Boston Cab 617-536-5010

Town Taxi 617-536-5000

Hello Taxi 617-734-1111


Shuttle Service Transport


Shuttle Transport from the Charles Hotel to the Conference Center 
Shuttle buses from A&A Metro Transportation will arrive at the Charles Hotel to transport meeting attendees to the conference center.  The shuttles will depart University Road, which is adjacent to the Charles Hotel, at 7:00AM.  The shuttles will be parked around the left hand corner as you exit the main entrance of the Charles Hotel.  The shuttles will be waiting to pick up guests on University Road. 
Shuttle Transport from the Conference Center to the Charles Hotel 
Shuttle buses will be outside of the Conference Center at 4:45 PM to transport guests back to the Charles Hotel.