Adolescence and HIV Scientific Working Group

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Toolkit Resources
This HU CFAR Scientific Working Group has three primary aims:

1) Engagement: Promote participation in adolescent-focused HIV prevention and care research from a broad community of investigators and public health organizations

2) Methodologic support: Develop a novel adolescent HIV research “tool kit,” drawing on clinical and methodologic research expertise of HU CFAR investigators

3) Mentorship and research catalyst: Create new cross-disciplinary collaborations and mentorship relationships to support adolescent HIV-focused research projects

These key factors provide a unique opportunity to make great advances in this field rigth now:

  • Adolescent HIV infections are rising and driving the HIV epidemic in the US and globally
  • Adolescents need setting-specific, youth-responsive strategies for prevention and care
  • HU CFAR members have expertise in adolescent HIV infection and we want to collaborate, build capacity and novel scientific advances
  • Adolescent HIV infection is a major priority of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH)
  • Adolescent HIV infections offer unique opportunities for immunotherapeutic interventions and cureAdolescence and HIV SWG