Advanced Lab Technologies Core

The Advanced Lab Technologies Core provides access to advanced cytometric and genomic technologies and accompanying computational methodologies that are critical to studies of virus-host interactions, therapeutic and prevention interventions, and vaccine development activities being pursued by the HU CFAR members. 

Much of the identified need for members is in the capture of information regarding the phenotypic and functional state of individual cells, indexing these samples, and then capitalizing on this biomaterial to develop a comprehensive picture of the genomic landscape that exists in particular disease states.  To ensure that all HU CFAR laboratories have access to this remarkable analytical power, this core:

Provides HUCFAR member access to state-of-the art technologies in:

  • Multiparameter flow cytometric evaluation of peripheral blood and tissue specimens including  high throughput BL-2 cell sorting and access to BL-2+ sorting, and BL3 sorting in collaboration with the BL-3 Containment Core
  • Cytokine Time-of-Flight (CyTOF) analysis allowing simultaneous evaluation of up to 100 markers on individual cells
  • High throughput genomic sequencing and targeted resequencing of human and viral samples, including single cell analyses
  • Single cell analytics including transcriptomics, quantitative expression using RNA-Seq and epigenetics using ChIP-Seq
  • BL2+ imaging technologies through an array of microscopy tools

Provides user training in the above technologies, as well as computational assistance, through:

  • Training to support the immediate use of new equipment
  • Provision of state of the art standard operating procedures and protocols and assistance in study design
  • Quarterly symposia and training sessions around technological advances to foster synergy among CFAR members

Builds a virtual community using state of the art sharing and distribution tools, which include:

  • Cloud computing transfer and sharing of datasets
  • Synergistic sharing of raw data across projects
  • Standardization of protocols and file structures
  • Creation of a common platform for simple web access and sharing